Water Systems

  • Water Systems
  •  There are different types of Water Systems for every application and condition.
  • We do not just install a water system, no we first find out what is in the water source.
  • Like tap water from a municipality, there ewe would install a reverse osmosis system for the water is been treated but there is some stuff in the water that you would not want to see in tap water.
  • Yes, you must remember that sewerage water is also been treated and add to the existing tap water supply.


 water systems

a Photo of our 20″Big Blue Water System for boreholes.

 Discussions of the most common water systems.

  • We do not keep a wide range of domestic water systems or products in stock.
  • What the client need is supplied for their house water filtration needs.
  • Every water source required a specific type of action.
  • We don’t just dump any water system on a clients just to get a quick sale.
  • We do not source the water system installations out to contractors but do the installations ourselves.
  • We ensure that the water issue is rectify and solved to ensure that the clients water is of the highest standards.
  • We do not just install a water filtration or purifier system but inspect it to ensure that it work correct.
  • The water systems is not cheap and that is why our clients must get value for money.


Advice for the installation of a reverse osmosis system?

Domestic water systems

Domestic water systems.
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  • Client who is serious about their health must get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system for drinking water.
  • The client will only get the best quality purified water system possible.
  • If the client have any health related issues that involved clean purified water.
  • Contaminated tap water is the biggest health hazard in our time.
  • Tap water is contaminated with parasites, bacteria, viruses and chemicals.
  • Parasites in tap water is a common problem and is present. in every water sample that we have tested.
  • Roundworms are chlorine resistant, that i have found out when our water at home had the chlorine smell.


What type of water system would you recommend for borehole water?

  • First a 20″big blue water filtration system to get the water clean and free of any living organisms and some chemicals.
  • The reason I chose the 20″big blue water filtration system is that it do not help that you clean the water only for humans and leave the animals to drink contaminated water.
  • We look to the hole picture when it come to purifying any water source.
  • The long term solution is important to work towards and it must be sustainable.
  • The next step is to install a UV light unit in the top of the water tank.
  • The UV light will have 24 hours time to kill any living organisms that may be present in the water.
  •  This way we ensure that the living organisms be in contact with the rays for a long period.
  • That means, we kill all living stuff and then prevent it from absorption.
  • The big water filters will now prevent the dead organisms to go through.
  • To give animals contaminated water is to store it in the meat of the animals.
  • The contamination or parasites is then been consume by us that was stored in the meat of the animal.

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