Reverse Osmosis Service Price

  • Reverse Osmosis Service Price is the price that we ask you to service your reverse osmosis system or any other water system.
  • A service is not just changing water filters.
  • It is a lot more than that.
  • When we service a reverse osmosis system we have tests that we must conduct to ensure the system work correct.
  • We work strictly according to standards that are laid down.
  • If you follow that tests and standards you will not have systems that give problems.
  • That is why we can give a three years warranty.

What are your Reverse Osmosis Service Price?

Reverse Osmosis Service Price

The Normal 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

  • Our Reverse Osmosis Service Price is R 700.00 in the Gauteng province.
  • The service consist of  four (4) filters.
  • A complete inspection of the system to established if it works correct.
  • We must follow specific guidelines what to do and what to check for.
  • This inspection is very important to know if the system do not through excessive waste water way.
  • If the system does not function correct it could cost the client thousands of wasted water every year.


What is the cost of the Reverse Osmosis Service?

  • The fee is in line with the market price.
  • Those who do it for less is the person how do it for a hobby or you will not find him next year.

What type of water filters do you use?Reverse Osmosis Service Price

  • We only use quality water filters that are approved by ID-WATSS.
  • They do not supply or import any water systems; they set standards for domestic water treatment systems.
  • We use two activated carbon filters that is a special type.
  • Then we use a sediment filter to prevent any bacteria and parasites to enter the membrane housing area.
  • The last filter is a taste and odor filter.
  • We change this filter every year.
  • Some suppliers change this filter every second year.
  • If you do something do it properly not halve hearted.
  • At the end of the day it is about the client’s health.
How long does a reverse osmosis service take?
  • If we do a service on a reverse osmosis system it take us not less than an hour and a halve (1 ½) hours.
  • When we have change the filters we do 5 different tests to ensure that the reverse osmosis system work correct.
  • This tests is important for we will detect if the system water excessive water.
  • If your reverse osmosis system do not work as it is supposed to work it can cost you between R 2 000.00 to R 3 500.00 per year on water wastage.
  • You will not even know you pay that money.
  • If you have any doubt feels free to contact us.
  • We can proof it to you.
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RO Service prices

A photo of a Large Parasite that we have found before the RO system filters




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