Water System Prices

Water System Prices

  • Our Water System Prices for our water purifying systems and any other system that is water related is market related.
  • We want to provide our clients with the best price that we can give them.
  • We will not sell cheap or no name brands that is of low quality.
  • We only supply and install high quality products.


Water System Prices discussions.

 Prices of our water systems include the installation.

20” big blue water filtration system prices.


Information page for the 20″Big Blue System


  • The price for a 20″big blue system is R 5 300.00 installed.
  • It consist of a three filter unit.
  • Inlet water pressure capacity must be 400 kPa and lower.
  • Used for factories, farms and houses.
  • For borehole water it is advised that a UV light unit be installed.



Water System Prices of the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.


% stage RO System Photo


  • The 5 stage reverse osmosis system price is R3 500.00 installed without electrical pump.
  • The 5 stage reverse osmosis system without a pump can be installed if the water inlet pressure is above 300 kPa.
  • If the inlet water pressure is below 300 kPa the system would cost R 4 300.00 installed.
  • Where water inlet pressure is below 300 kPa there must be a power source for the electrical pump.
  • The system is suitable for farms and places where the water pressure is low.
  • No water purifying products will be sold over the counter due to the fact that there is a few factors that must be comply to.
  • Quality and service is king. Your health is our wealth!


Price for reverse osmosis system services.

  • The 5 stage reverse osmosis systems service price is R 700.00 for three filters and a taste and odor filter.
  • We do the service ourselves to comply with the standards set by ID-WATSS.
  • We do not sell any water filters over the counter.
  • All our water filters and products is ID-WATSS approved.

What about the prices of the domestic reverse osmosis systems?

  • We will answer any question you may have regarding the effectiveness of the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • The water purifying system is worth every cent.
  • Your health is much more important than a few cents.

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