Pleated Water Filter

Pleated water filters are of a high quality material and the design is a sign of knowledge and workmanship. The type of material that’s been use is amazing. When we use this type of water filter there is also only one brand that we used. We have tested a wide variety of filters under the same conditions and this filter did quite well. The filter cost a little bit more than the other filters but the right brand is worth the price. We can recommend this type of filter provided that you use the name brand that we use. There is other brand that is of low quality and the design is not up to standard.

Explain what pleated water filter is.

  • Pleated water filter is thin sheet that has an accordion shape pleated structure.
  • Enlarge surface area of water filter for better water filtration.
Pleated Water Filter

Pleated Water Filter advice

Describe the pleated water filter?

  • RO pleated water filter look like vehicle air filter.
  • Concept is been used to increase the surface area of water filter.
  • RO pleated  filter is more expensive than the normal sediment filters.
  • What we like about the pleated filter is that you can wash it and re-use it.
  • The membrane is thin and as with all the water filters and products,
  •  ID-WATSS have tested pleated filter.
  • Pleated  filter functionality and lifespan.
  • Pleated water filter is approved by ID-WATSS.
  • Pleated water filter better than cheap water filters in systems that are low grade.
  •  Do you have a product or water filters that do not meet the standards set out by ID-WATSS.
  •  You place your health in some product that is not supposed to exist.
  • We prefer the pleated water filter above the other sediment type of water filters.

Selling of pleated water filters.

 pleated water filter

Photo of pleated water filter

  • Do not sell the pleated filters over the counter.
  • We service reverse osmosis system to ensure that the entire RO system function as a unit.
  • We specialise in RO pleated water filters.
  • All about your health not your money.
  • Save by let us inspect your RO system.
  • Can save thousands of rands per year.
  • Show you if RO system water filters functioning correct.
  • You do not have to make use of our service.
  • Get peace of mind.
  • Be wise.


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