Bio Ceramic

  • Bio Ceramic
  •  Bio Ceramic is made of ceramic and is a very fine filtering medium.
  • It is to fine to use in a reverse osmosis system.
  • If the water supply is not of high quality it would clog up in a few days.
  • The reverse osmosis system use too much water and that make it totally unsuitable for reverse osmosis systems.
  • The Bio ceramic filter is good for gravity water filtration systems.

What is the domestic bio ceramic?

Domestic Bio ceramic

  • Ceramic material manufactured products are very fine and tend to clock-up.
  • Ceramic material is porous and is a good filter medium if the water quality is good.
  • Water that has lime or dirt in will tend the ceramic filter to clock-up very quickly.
  • It’s a good product but of no value when it must filter dirty water.
  • I must mention that it is a quality product under the correct conditions.
  • In my eyes the ceramic filter is a money wasting products.
  • Intended misleading statements regarding products is marketing practices that manufactures use to get their products on the marked.
  • Clients believe and take the sales people at their word.
  • No health benefits if it is been used for anything other than filtering water.
  • No independent reports are available to confirm the health benefits of the ceramic filter.
  • No independent trail reports, but the sales people will tell you all kinds of wonderful results and facts that do not exist.
  • No independent laboratory reports could be found on the internet.
  • Misleading marketing material is the name of the game.
  • Marketing material been used as proof of health benefits, only benefits is the suppliers bank account.
  • Marketing material is to promote products not the truth.

What bio ceramic filter is usable?

  • Low flow ceramic water filter where water flow through the ceramic filter.
  • Gravity flow ceramic water filters that is for low quantity volume.
  • Domestic water Filtration system ceramic, water filter is a good idea but the amount of water that flow through it tends to clock the filter up.
  • The ceramic water filter do not last half the term and volume than the pleated water filter do.

Filtration system ceramic water filter.

  • The ceramic water filter is expensive.
  • Not effective if water have dirt or any lime particles in.
  • The ceramic water filter Clogs-up in a few days when it is been used in a reverse osmosis system.
  • Filtering quality is good depends on the amount of water that you wants per day or per filter.
  • Use only after 1 micron or smaller water filter.

Is the inline bio ceramic water filters useful?

Bio ceramic

Photo of different types of Bio Ceramic filters that is money wasted.

  • A thousand times. NO!
  • Any inline ceramic water filter is a big money wasting product.
  • Misleading statements is been used to promote the sales of this type of filters.
  • No health benefits that can be supplied by an independent laboratory.
  • No miracle or health properties exist and if there is any it would be all in the mind.
  • Any claim or benefit that’s been promoted is only to create sales for suppliers.
  • I personally would never recommend the use of the ceramic water filter in any water purifying system.
  • False and fake product combined with false statements is a good seller.
  • Ceramic water filters looks impressive, that’s all to it.


What do you think about the ceramic water filters?

  • Ceramic water filters is good only for low quantity water and clean dirt free water.
  • Ceramic balls are useless and they claim that it create an energy field that is the biggest nonsense that was ever uttered.
  • Contact me if you want to know more about bio ceramic.
  • There is nothing more than I can mention about the ceramic water filters that is of any health benefit.


Bio ceramic

Good Product but if water is of a low quality it block

Bio ceramic

Useless misleading product. Big Money Waster. Stay away







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