Big Blue System

  •  The Big Blue System is a very popular water filtration system.
  • The system can manage large quantities of water flow.
  • It is ideal for farms, houses and light industry.
  • This system is most of the time the first line of filtration of water.

We Supply, Install, Service Reverse osmosis systems and Borehole water Purification Systems. Three Year Warranty. 

Warning about the big blue system.

  • If you want to filter your borehole water.
  • Please do not use the big blue system.
  • The system is not effective if you use the imported filters.
  • Live organisms like roundworms and amoebas still go through the filters.
  • If you are serious about your health you would contact me.
  • You are welcome to ask me questions about your borehole filtration system.
  • The big blue system is a waste of money when it comes to filtration of borehole water.
  • We sell the big blue systems.
  • I have a conscious.
  • I’m not here to rob you of your money.
  • It is all about health.

What is the big blue system?

Big Blue System

Big Blue System information

  • Big Blue System is for houses and industry.
  • Depends on the size of the house.
  •  Amount of people staying in the house and water usage.
  • All factors play important role in size of system.
  • Big blue system is approved by ID-WATSS.
  • What are your concerns?
  • Why do you want the big blue system?
  • What is wrong with the tap water?
  • Get chemical impurities in to your body.
  • Tap water absorption through skin.

Does the human body absorb water through the skin?

Big Blue System

Photo of a Big Worm that we have found in a Big Blue System filters that could not go through.

  • Yes!
  • Don’t drink water during the day.
  • Measure yourself with electronic scale.
  • Write the weight down.
  • Take a bath.
  • Use hot water to let skin pores open.
  • Stay in bath with a book for an hour and soak.
  • Let your body absorb water fluid through your skin.
  • Read a book but don’t drink water.
  • Get out of the bath, dry yourself.
  • Weight yourself and write the measure down.
  • Weight difference can be up-to 500 grams that your body absorb.

What do I swallow when drinking water? Big Blue System

  • I’m concerned about what is in the tap water.
  •  By drinking water it goes straight into your body.
  •  Pesticides, Chemicals, bacteria, worms and anything else.
  • The normal big blue system filters do not prevent parasites, bacteria, chemicals and pesticides from passing into the tap water.
  • Low grade water filters is been used.
  • People do not know the specs of their products.
  • Use only ID-WATSS approved products.
  • Yes. Take my word for it.
  • Photos that you see on this website are in tap water.

Where do you use the big blue system?

  • Raise questions regarding big blue system in writing.
  • Log in and state the questions.
  • Search for topic in R-hand corner top of page.
  •  Questions are answer with the placement of page discussing question.


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