Activated Carbon Water Filter

  • Activated Carbon Water Filter
  •  Activated Carbon Water Filter is important for the absorption of different chemicals and minerals.
  • There is good and bad quality activated carbon filters.
  • We have tested numerous types of carbon filters to establish if it is performing to our standards or not.


What is the reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter?

Activated Carbon Water Filter

photo of different types of activated carbon found in water filters.

  • Activated carbon water filters is very important to remove chemical and impurities from tap water and even borehole water.
  • The Activated carbon water filter must be used before the sediment water filters.
  • The Activated carbon water filters absorption properties are excellent.

What is the Granular activated carbon water filters?

  • It is nothing other than charcoal that they use to make fire with.
  • Activated carbon is mostly made from coal that they mine from the ground.
  • it is then exported to China, who put it through an heated process to make carbon.
  • The material is small 1 mm to 2 mm carbon particles.
  • Water is supposed to flow through the activated carbon material.
  • Water flows pass and around the activated carbon particles.
  • The coal from the ground is so solid that it is totally ineffective.
  • It is solid as granite.
  • Water will not flow through this activated carbon, but around or pass it.
  • marketing play a big role by informing the suppliers the wrong information.
  • it is all about money and not about the truth and not to talk about ethical values.
  • There is so many flaws we know about in the water industry.

What is the Solid activated carbon block water filter?

Activated Carbon Water Filter

Outside of the imported Activated carbon filter that is 80% polypropylene. Not good for your health.

  • Activated carbon dust that’s been mixed with polypropylene to bond in a solid form.
  • The use of polypropylene to cast the solid activated carbon filter is just to mislead the client in thinking that the filter is of good quality.
  • Let us ask the question. Is the material and polypropylene safe for my health?
  • What are the long term complications of this bonding material in the water filters?
  • If you burn the activated solid carbon water filter, it smells like plastic that’s burning.
  • Widely used to remove chlorine, taste, odors, dirt and colors from the water.
  • How will you test removal of chlorine, taste, odors, dirt and colors from water?
  • No, we just accept their word and believe every word they tell us.
  • Chlorine in water evaporate in minutes when in open container.

What is the activated carbon water filters?

Activated Carbon Water Filter

Photo of an imported activated carbon water filter. This is coal that’s been grind in small bits. This is big money for China.

activated carbon water filter

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