Reverse osmosis system warranty

  •  Our reverse osmosis systems warranty is three (3) years the best that you ever would get.
  • No reverse osmosis systems supplier will give you the three years warranty.
  • The standard warranty in the industry is one (1) year.
  • What does it tells you.
  • We only use the best quality products.
  • The installation standards are also very important.

Our reverse osmosis systems warranty:

  • The Standard warranty for reverse osmosis systems is one year, not ours.
  • Our  5 stage reverse osmosis system warranty is three (3) years.
  • Filters & services is excluded and must be changed on a yearly basis.
  • We only use the Best quality reverse osmosis system that we have tested and that complied to our high standards.
  • Approved reverse osmosis systems and products is what you get when you make use of our services.
  • The main focus is long life products that is of high quality and is effective in the application it is been used for.
  • High quality material used in our products and systems.
  • Design is important for a bad design can cost you money due to damaged products.
  • Any time a service person must go out to replace a part or product, cost you the client money.


Why is it possible to give a three year Reverse osmosis system warranty?

  • This is a real warranty on any defect of any part of the system, filters excluded.
  • Yes three years is our warranty.
  • We use only approved products that was tested by ID-WATSS.
  • We use only tested water system products.
  • The design is looked to as-well as the type of material that's been used.
  • High quality manufacturing material.
  • Installation standards is applied to all our installation processes.
  • Accredited technicians.


 Why is your reverse osmosis system warranty different from other suppliers?

  • ID-WATSS standards is done to ensure that low quality products will not be used by our people.
  • ID-WATSS accredited technicians to comply with the standards.
  • ID-WATSS approved products is peace of mind for our clients.
  • Best quality products is what you will get at Tap water SA.
  • Quality and health is important to us.
  • We know our products and standards.
  • We care about the water you drink.
  • Your health is our wealth!.


Reverse osmosis System Warranty

This is a big live Roundworm that we have found in tap water from the Pretoria region. Our water filtration and purification systems will prevent it from been present in your drinking water

What about the reverse osmosis system warranty?


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