Fair Water System Price

  •  What is a fair water system price?
  • Yes that is a good question for in the industry every supplier ask what they feel they want to ask.
  • If they sell the cheapest no name brand it doesn’t matter.
  • Next year when you looking for them to service your water system.
  • They are nowhere to find.
  • Price and quality and service must go hand in hand.
  • We do not sell any name brands or products that are not approved.
  • Only the best for us.
  • It is our three years warranty that must stand the test of time.

 Fair Reverse Osmosis System Price.

fair water system price

a 5 stage reverse osmosis water purifying system photo.

 What is a fair water system price?

  • A fair water reverse osmosis system price is R 3 600 supplied and installed.
  •  This is only for a 5 stage domestic reverse osmosis system without an electrical pump.
  • Suppliers ask more but let’s be fair and not ripping our clients off.
  • Take notice, you need nothing more than that.
  • No fake mineral replacement filters or some extras.
  • Be serious about your health.
  • You can get a UV light additional.
  • Anything more is a waste of money that is what we call money wasters.
  •  Don’t play with your health and money.

 Best recommended domestic water treatment System. Fair Water System Price

  • Best domestic water system is only GWTA approved systems.
  • Nearly every shopping center has a supplier of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Before you buy any water treatment system investigate.
  • Visit www.reverseosmosisstandards.com or contact us at info@tapwatersa.co.za.
  • Tap Water SA people will give you guidelines what to look for.
  • Information that you get, is to help you make an informed decision.
  •  Will save you money with the warranty.
  • Popular low grade or quality systems are likely to burst and will not last years.
  • Cheap domestic water systems will just cost you money and the products are most of the time made of low grade material that tends to crack and burst.
  • Salesperson tells you all about their reverse osmosis system filter housing that can withstand high water pressure.
  • Turn around, look for the door and run as fast as you can.
  • Don’t throw your money away at low quality water purification systems.

Approve domestic water treatment systems?

fair water system price

Cracked reverse osmosis system filter housing due to high water pressure or low quality product photo.

  • Years in the domestic water purifying industry experience.
  •  We have studied the different types of domestic reverse osmosis systems and designs.
  • We at Tap Water SA have seen our share of domestic water systems that do not function properly made from low grade material.
  • Domestic reverse osmosis system filters housings that burst or crack.
  • That’s why GWTA have set standards for the domestic water purifying systems that will function correct and last years without any defects.
  • Design and material play a big role in the lifespan and functioning of the system.
  • Not to talk about the thousands of rands worth of water that the low quality reverse osmosis systems waste due to low quality and service malfunctions.
  • These days, a person who wants to start a new business, think that the water industry is the place to invest in.
  • They go out and buy a water purifying system for as cheap as they can get.
  •   They have a water purifying system and start marketing using any marketing practice they can just to sell their product.
  •  It matters to us that they use misleading methods, it is all about ethics and integrity.
  • They sell and rip their clients off with cheap low quality products.
  • These fly by nights know nothing about water systems but sell one to you using fraudulent marketing methods.

Tap Water SA water system sales strategy.

  • Tap Water SA is an accredited supplier at GWTA.
  • We market the approved domestic reverse osmosis systems and products.
  • Tap Water SA technicians will then do the installation at no extra fee in their region where they operate in.
  • Tap Water SA and our employees may under no circumstances sell a domestic reverse osmosis system or any product over the counter.
  • Our clients do not do any installation, repairs or services themselves.
  • The reason that  Tap Water SA use for that is as follow:
  • Domestic water treatment system must be installed the correct way.
  • Correct inlet water pressure for every product or system is required.
  • Correct GWTA approved tests must be done.
  • Correct type of approved water filters must be used by the technician.
  • GWTA conduct spot checks to inspect the standards of technicians to establish that the correct approved products that have been used during the installation or service.
  • Our client’s family’s health comes first!



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