The 20" Big blue system is just for removing dirt from the borehole water.
The system is NOT effective.
Talk to me before you buy a big blue system.

  • The Price 20" Big Blue System is available on request, the price could be higher, depends on the items that we must use.
  • We also advise our clients to get a UV light installed at the outlet of the tank.
  • To have a reverse osmosis system on the farm and let the animals drink contaminated water is not a very good idea.
  • It is going to cost you on the long run on profits.

Describe the 20" Big Blue system.

The 20" big blue system in South Africa’s measurement 500 mm long.
Our 20” big blue systems conclude of the following items.

  • Three filter housings

 20" Big Blue Water Filtration System.

  • Housing brackets to secure it to a wall or any surface.
  • Pipe fittings to connect the filter housings to one another.
  • Two ball valves.
  • Two activated carbon filters.
  • One sediment filter. High quality.

Our requirements:

The 20" Big Blue System Installation.

  • We do the installation ourselves for there are critical factors that we must consider when we do the installation.
  • Factors like the water quality.
  • Water flow rate.
  • Water pressure.
  • What is in the water.
  • That will determine what type of filters we will use.
  • We do not just supply filters and tell you to do it yourself or get a plumber.

20" Big Blue System Advice.

  • We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with the best product and service for your specific need.
  • The system is not just to clean the water.
  • It is all about your health and those that you care about.
  • We want to play a role in the health of your family.
  • That is why we want to be involved to make sure that you get the best system and advice.
  • For us it is also about support and be there when we are needed.

Big Blue Water Treatment System Services.

  • It is not for just selling the system and there you go.
  • If you want to do it yourself you are free to get the system and do it yourself.
  • I am technical but I have learned through the years that the best way to do something is to leave it to the person who specialize in that specific field.
  • The people who work every day with the products, they are the people who know.
  • Not the sales person that just want to sell the stuff.
  • They know nothing and I say nothing about the products.

Water Pressure for Big Blue System.

  • The system works the best at a pressure of 400 kPa.
  • The reason that we use this pressure is that when the water pressure is higher the filter housing crack or burst and it is unnecessary to waste that amount of money.
  • The sales person will tell you that in the way to the counter.
  • By the time you arrive at home  you totally forgot about the information that the salesman gave you.
  • If the filter housing burst, it is for your account and they have sold filter housing.
  • The filter housing must be secured to the brackets and there is not always the correct length of screws for the filter housings.
  • If you use the wrong screws it will go through to the inside of the filter housing.
  • That means you have to replace the filter housing.

 20” Big Blue System Information.

  • It is for high flow applications.
  • The 20”big blue system is a heavy-duty system.
  • It is a Durable construction.
  • The 20 Big Blue systems filter housings have a pressure release button.
  • The 20” Big Blue water filter system extend the life of washing machines, water heaters, and other household appliances by the fact that it works on a low pressure before it reaches the appliances.
  • The 20” big blue system removes sediment and chlorine if the filters for the application is been used.
  • The 20”big blue system will not remove living organisms such as roundworms from the water. It will still go through. The correct filters must be used.
  • Ideal for homes, farms, private wells, restaurants, swimming pools, spas, and trickle irrigation.
  • Leaking and clogging is prevented by the dynamically sealing, self-cleaning O-ring.


Effectiveness of the Big Blue System.

The price for the 20”big blue system is available on request for installation included.

This system must be equipped with the best filters available on the market.
The filters that you get from the local shop is totally ineffective.
It would still let roundworms and other stuff through.
Parasites, bacteria, viruses and chemicals of any kind will go through this filters.
That is for peace of mind and the knowledge to know that you have the best system for the application you want.

We provide.
The filters for the removal of live organisms such as roundworms are also available.
We do tests on site to establish if there are live organisms in the water.

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