YouTube Photo’s that we have Taken from Tap Water Mostly in the Pretoria Region. Not a Good Sight to see what We Drink Every Day although the Water Looks Clean.

 Our YouTube Information

  • The photo’s presented on this website have been taken under a micro-scope from the water from the Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • The Reverse Osmosis System is currently one of the best water purifying system available on the market for domestic use.
  • The question you may be asking yourself is, – WHY is the parasites in the water purifying system.
  • The answer is simple, the people in the water purifying industry that supplies and service the Reverse Osmosis Systems, is not aware about what ID-WATSS have discovered.
  • Information regarding the optimal functioning of the water purifying systems.
  • The fact is that there is a 98% probability that there is parasites present in your water purifying system.
  • And also a 30% probability that these parasites is present in the storage tank of the reverse osmosis system.
  • Parasites that you can consume through the purified water you consume on a daily basis.
  • Feel free to visit “Google Images” for Nematodes or Roundworms to gain information about the content of these photos.
  • We ONLY make use of technicians that have been certified by ID-WATSS.
  • This ensure that they comply with the standards laid done by ID-WATSS.
  • Ensuring consumers only consume pure water with no parasites present in their drinking water.
  • The work done by these technicians gets inspected on a regular basis.
  • This is to ensure the proper standards have been complied with during services and installations of the Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • ID-WATSS technicians must only make use of parts and systems that is approved by the standards of ID-WATSS.
  • If you are serious about your health and especially the quality of your drinking water.
  • Phone or email us at 082 269 0210 or email us at, .

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11 Live Roundworms that we have found in the tap water of Garsfontein.


This is one BIG fat worm from tap water.