Brits Tap Water

Our Brits tap water sample.

What is in Brits tap water?

Brits Tap Water

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  • Brits tap water sample that was taken from a tap in a suburb from Brits.
  • The water is contaminated with parasites and Roundworms.
  • Unacceptable contaminated tap water.

Brits tap water sample taken from a tap?

  • This Brits tap water sample was taken direct from the tap into a 7 liter plastic water bottle.
  • The water sample is water that’s been supplied directly from the city council.
  • We have installed a reverse osmosis system in the house in one of the suburbs of Brits.
  • This year when we service the reverse osmosis system we will then take a sample from the reverse osmosis.
  • That will give us a clear indication what we can expect in the Brits tap water.
  • To get a water sample like this one that’s been taken direct for the tap in 7 liters of water bottle.
  • This is not good it is BAD NEWS.
  • You don’t want to get the news that, when it comes to health there is so many parasites present in the water.
  • If we look to all the strikes that’s been going on in the towns where the management is not active in their duties.
  • Then we must ask ourselves the question.
  • Are the people that treat our tap water also on strike?
  • If it is the case then we can know for a fact that our water in not safe for human consumption.
Where in Brits did you take the water sample?
  • We took the water sample in the Elands rand.
  • We visit people there and on the spur of the moment I saw this empty water bottle and disinfect it.
  • Then we took the water sample from the tap.
  • We let the water out with a force into the bottle.
  • Why we did it was, that when there was something stick onto the pipe that it would flush out.

Is this the living organisms in the Brits Tap Water?

  • Yes. The photos that you see were in that 7 liter water sample.
  • We want to make it clear that this water sample was taken from the tap and not from a reverse osmosis system.
  • You drink only one liter of tap water a day.
  • Within a week you will have swallowed 6 live organisms.
  • That will include a roundworm as well.

What is the solution to the Brits Tap Water problem?

The best option is to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system with Bio activated carbon filters.

Brits Reverse Osmosis.

  • If you have a reverse osmosis system.
  • We would inspect your reverse osmosis system to established if it worked correctly.
  • You can also visit the website,
  • Service people just focus to replace the filters but never test every aspect of the reverse osmosis system.

Brits Water.

I want to know more about Brits tap water samples.

Having water disruptions in Brits?

  • We experience water disruptions.

Having water cuts in Brits?

  • Water cuts is now part of our lives.
  • We did something about it.
  • We installed a emergency water unit.

Having water shortage in Brits?

  • We have water shortages on a regular basis.
  • We solve the water shortage problem.

Having no water in Brits?

  • There is no water in the taps.
  • No water starts to become a problem.

Want a water unit in Brits?

  • You are without water.
  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
  • Contact us today for a quotation!

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