North West Tap Water


All photos on website are from North West Tap Water. Live organisms and parasites are present.

North West Tap Water Photos that we have taken from water samples.

  • North West province is one of the nine provinces of South Africa.
  • The borehole water of South Africa must be tested before use.
  • The photos that you see here are taken from the reverse osmosis system but in some cases from the tap.
  • Brits photos were taken from the tap.
  • I took a 7 liter bottle from the tap in the Elandsrand suburb.

North West Tap Water Health

  • Water is health for we are more water in the body than any other product.
  • If you drink water that is polluted then your body is polluted.
  • Before you drink tap water first take a break, think of the website and then decide if it is worth the risk.
  • You put your children’s health on the line.
  • The symptoms will not manifest now but over years.
  • How will you proof it’s from the water?
  • We are not in the water industry.
  • We are in the health industry.
  • If we have serviced your reverse osmosis system once you will know that you had specialists working on your system.
  • To do a reverse osmosis service takes us about an hour to two hours.
  • We do not just replace the filters and off we go.
  • No, if you let our vehicle serviced you want everything to be checked and rectify.
  • If it is not, you can have an accident and die.
  • The same with the reverse osmosis system it just takes so much longer to die.
  • The problem you don’t even know that it was the water that killed you. SERIOUSLY!

Questions about North West tap water.

  • Have any questions about the tap water in this region.
  • Just contact us to proof to you that what we show here is the truth.
  • We will show it to you on the spot.
  • All we ask is to get a person that has a reverse osmosis system or any other water system.
  • If you have a reverse osmosis system, we will show you that this stuff is in your membrane area.
  • Why?
  • Because the service people have no clue what a high quality and a cheap filter is.
North West Tap Water

North West Tap Water parasites from the tape worm family









You can get the reverse osmosis system standards on

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