Pretoria South Tap Water Sample

  • The Pretoria South region is on the South side of Pretoria towards Johannesburg.
  • This region consists of more than 30 suburbs.
  • This region is also a few degrees colder than the rest of Pretoria and this is noticeable when I look to the reverse osmosis systems membrane water samples.
  • There is a big decline in the parasites in the winter but during the summer months the numbers of the parasites increase in numbers.

Pretoria South Tap Water Sample photos of existing water resources:

  • I recommend that you copy activated sludge microorganisms or “activated sludge bacteria” and Google it.
  • Yes it is present in sewerage plants.
  • If you have studied the two subjects then I want to ask you.
  • What do you think about the photos on this regions section?
  • Compere the photos with those on the recommended subjects.
  • The fact that Roundworms is the most dominant parasite present in the tap water.
  • The fact that there are so many Roundworms present is it not due to treated sewerage water that’s been added to the existing tap water source.
  • The fact is if this parasite is present and alive.
  • Where does it come from?
  • What do they eat to stay alive?
  • Is it acceptable for humans to consume this type of parasites?
  • Would you show the photos of the parasites that are in your suburb to your family?
  • Tell your family that you would rather let them consume these parasites, Roundworms included.
  • Do you think they will be happy with you?
  • Tell them the tap water quality is just a little bit down at this moment, the same as our electricity.

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Pretoria South Tap Water Sample

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