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Amandasig Tap Water

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  • Amandasig is located in the Greater Pretoria.
  • This section is to inform people about what was found in the reverse osmosis system membrane water sample in the Amandasig suburb.
  • The photos were taken from live organisms that were present in the tap water.
  • The worms that I find in the sample are present in nearly every water sample that I took.
  • You will see that there are Roundworms, Rotifer and a Vorticella.
  • This organisms found in activated sludge is present in the water samples that’s been taken.

Amandasig Tap Water versus sewerage treated water.

  • Rand Water supply water of high quality, free of any live organisms to the government in bulk.
  • That water is then distributed by government to all the different suburbs.
  • That is fine up to here.
  • Now the contamination takes place.
  • The government have another water source that they themselves processed and cleaned.
  • As all government departments it underwent a transformation from Apartheid to freedom to all the parasites that is present in the tap water.
  • The Roundworm is the main freedom leader in the tap water contamination process.
  • The government helped these freedom parasites by creating the “Blue Drop Status” to hide the “Brown Drop Status” of the contamination brigade.

I have a questions about Amandasig Tap Water?

  • If you have any question about the tap water of Amandasig you are welcome to contact us.
  • We feel it is important to inform the people about the facts of their tap water.
  • People believe their tap water is clean and free from any type of contamination.
  • The government made a big fuss about the “Blue Drop Status” of the water in the Pretoria area.
  • Yes and people believe it.
  • Just look to the news and see all the service delivery protests that take place.
  • Why?
  • If it is about poor services.
  • Do you really think that water is excluded from poor service delivery?
  • What about the photos that I have on this website?
  • Do you want more proof?
  • Arrange with a person in your suburb that has a reverse osmosis system or any other water filtration system.
  • We will take a sample from the system and you can look under the microscope.
  • You can then believe whatever you want.

Amandasig tap water is contaminated with live parasites like roundworms.

What is the Water Quality of this Suburb and the Others in Pretoria Area?

Amandasig Water.

I want to know more about Amandasig tap water samples.

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Amandasig Tap Water

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