Pretoria North West Tap Water Sample

Pretoria North West
Pretoria North West is a region to the North Western side of Pretoria. Pretoria is situated in Gauteng province that is one of the nine provinces of South Africa. The Pretoria North West region is small and consists of only twelfth suburbs. It is also part of the capital generating areas in Gauteng.
What must we tell you about the region?

The quality of the tap water.

First we must mention the name of a company that do a wonderful job in providing high quality tap water in bulk. Rand Water is a company that can be among the best water treatment specialists in the world. The problem arises when the sewerage treatment water is been pumped into the high quality water supply. Yes the people drink the tap water for the government say it is safe to consume. Nobody is dying from the tap water. They test the tap water for harmful bacteria that will kill you within a week to a month. The bacteria that would kill you fast are their main focus for that will have a devastating effect on healthcare in the short term.
What about the long term immune breakers that takes their time to break down your immune system? Here we talking about other parasites like the Roundworms and chemicals that are in the tap water.
I recommend that you copy “activated sludge microorganisms” or “activated sludge bacteria” and Google it. Yes it is present in sewerage plants. If you have studied the two subjects them I want to ask you. What do you think about the photos on this regions section? Compere the photos with those on the recommended subjects.
If you are serious about your health, take action and log-in, email at or phone us at 082 269 0210.

Pretoria North West Tap Water Sample Photos of Live Organisms and Parasites Found in Tap Water From Region. “Blue Drop Status” for Water Treatment Facilities.

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Pretoria North West Tap Water Sample

Pretoria North West Tap Water Sample Photos of live organisms.


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