Villeria Tap Water

Our Villeria tap water.

What is in Villeria tap water?

Villeria Tap Water

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Villeria Tap Water Sample is Contaminated with Parasites Like Roundworms and many more. Water Contamination is a Health Risk to the Old and Young Persons.

Is this the Villeria Tap Water sample?

  • Yes.
  • We did a service on an existing reverse osmosis system in the Villeria suburb.
  • The house is high on the mountain and they experience water pressure problems.
  • They bought a water storage tank and let the water flow into the tank.
  • From there they pump it into the house under pressure.
  • The tank is closed but the sun heats it during the day.
  • That is just the right environment for parasites and bacteria to breed and multiply.

Do you recommend the use of a water storage tank in a suburb?

  • Yes and No.
  • You must use a 5 stage reverse osmosis system when you make use of a water storage tank.
  • You must remember that the counsel’s water supply comes from water treatment plants but some water is recycled water.
  • Yes sewerage treated water.
  • That water is tested, but not for everything.
  • They just test it for a few bacteria and chemicals.
  • They do not test for roundworms and other live organisms.
  • These live organisms like roundworms, parasites, bacteria and then eggs go through the treatment process. When the environment is right for them to breed and multiply then there is a big problem.

What water test do they do?

  • Bacteria and chemicals that can kill you in a short time span.
  • Like a week to a few months.
  • The bacteria, parasites and chemicals that take years to kill you are not tested.
  • This is here where the problem is.
  • The long term infection with bacteria and parasites, that breaks down your immune system.
  • Then when the illnesses start to manifest you have no leg to stand on in court.
  • The water suppliers will just say that they tested the water and that it is in limits.

Do they test for all the types of pesticides?

  • No my friend.
  • There are thousands of pesticides and every year new pesticides come on the market.
  • Pesticides and some chemicals will in the near future be a silent killer.
  • The only solution for this type of water pollution problem is to get a reverse osmosis system as soon as possible.
  • Not just any system.

Villeria Reverse Osmosis.

  • If you have a reverse osmosis system.
  • We would inspect your reverse osmosis system to established if it worked correctly.
  • You can also visit the website,
  • Service people just focus to replace the filters but never test every aspect of the reverse osmosis system.

Villeria Water.

I want to know more about Villeria tap water samples.

Having water disruptions in Villeria?

  • We experience water disruptions.

Having water cuts in Villeria?

  • Water cuts is now part of our lives.
  • We did something about it.
  • We installed a emergency water unit.

Having water shortage in Villeria?

  • We have water shortages on a regular basis.
  • We solve the water shortage problem.

Having no water in Villeria?

  • There is no water in the taps.
  • No water starts to become a problem.

Want a water unit in Villeria?

  • You are without water.
  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
  • Contact us today for a quotation!

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Villeria Tap Water

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Villeria Tap Water

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Villeria Tap Water

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Villeria Water Sample

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Villeria Water Sample

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