Montana Tap Water

Our Montana Tap Water.

What is in Montana tap water?

Montana Tap Water

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  • Montana tap water that is contaminated with all types of parasites and live organisms.
  • Is treated tap water really that safe?
  • Is tap water really been treated?

The Montana Tap Water.

  • The Montana water sample was taken when we serviced a reverse osmosis system.
  • We took the water sample from the membrane housing.
  • This is the housing where the membrane is located in.
  • The membrane is the heart of the reverse osmosis system.
  • What you see on this page comes from the heart of the system.
Did you find something in the Montana Tap Water sample?
  • Yes.
  • That is what we have found in the water sample.
  • What we do is every place where we service a reverse osmosis system we take water samples from the membrane to see if the filters work correctly.
  • We will mention where we take the water sample in the system.
  • The reason the live organisms is in the membrane of the reverse osmosis system is the use of the wrong type of filters and poor workmanship.

Is the parasites in the Montana water alive?

  • Yes they are alive.
  • That is interesting is the fact that you can even smell the chlorine in the water.
  • The people say that the chlorine kills all the living organisms in the water.
  • I don’t know if I look to the water samples that I take.
  • There was not one reverse osmosis system where I did not get live roundworms in.
  • The difference is there I look in the system.
  • If it is a system that one of ID-WATSS accredited technicians serviced then we find no live organisms in the membrane housing but at the first filter.

How can we clean the tap water?

If you want to know more about the solution for the prolong life of your membrane and prevention of this parasites entering your reverse osmosis systems membrane.

Please just click on the word Hartbeespoort tap water page.


Montana Reverse Osmosis.

  • If you have a reverse osmosis system.
  • We would inspect your reverse osmosis system to established if it worked correctly.
  • You can also visit the website,
  • Service people just focus to replace the filters but never test every aspect of the reverse osmosis system.

Montana Water.

I want to know more about Montana tap water samples.

Having water disruptions in Montana?

  • We experience water disruptions.

Having water cuts in Montana?

  • Water cuts is now part of our lives.
  • We did something about it.
  • We installed a emergency water unit.

Having water shortage in Montana?

  • We have water shortages on a regular basis.
  • We solve the water shortage problem.

Having no water in Montana?

  • There is no water in the taps.
  • No water starts to become a problem.

Want a water unit in Montana?

  • You are without water.
  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
  • Contact us today for a quotation!

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Montana Tap Water

Montana slow moving bug


Montana Tap Water

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Montana Tap Water

Worm egg


Montana Tap Water

a Roundworm in the Montana tap water.


Montana Tap Water

Montana Tap Water


Big Fat worm

a Big Fat worm that is present in the Montana tap water.


Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample

Montana Water Sample



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