Gezina Tap Water

Gezina is in the Pretoria North East region. It is an old suburb and the water supply pipe lines was upgraded the beginning of 2013. The photos that you see here is from the same area as Wonderboom South suburb. This water samples was taken from the same location as the other samples. Yes the reverse osmosis systems membrane. The living organisms that you see here come from a specific type of water source.

Questions about the Gezina Tap Water sample:

The question that first comes to mind is. Why is this stuff in our tap water? Where does it come from? Why isn’t it killed or destroyed? Isn’t the tap water supposed to be treated? If the water is been treated why is it still alive? We smell chlorine in our tap water don’t it kill the Roundworms? What is the effect of roundworms in humans? Does the government know about this situation? What do they do about this? Why didn’t they bring it under the public’s attention?

Answers to some of the Gezina tap water questions:

I’m going to talk about the Roundworm and other organisms that we found on a regular basis in tap water samples. The Roundworm in particular is a parasite. Its main objective is to be undetected for as long as possible. They break down the immune system and by doing that cause an allergic reaction in the body. The immune system detects the parasite and takes action to destroy the invader. But with these actions the immune system takes over a long period you will then notice that your blood flow changes. You can see that under a microscope. The red blood cells clog together.

The roundworms and friends that you see on this website come from the sewerage treatment plant. Yes you read correct. The government like to recycle. They recycle the sewerage that you flush down your toilet and reuse it again. The government do not dump the treated sewerage water in the rivers. Why? Because this chemicals, hormones and medicine in the water that comes from humans. If the fish and animals get this human stuff in then it would be catastrophic. Drinking tap water is consuming hormones and medicine that other people disposed in the toilet. What a nice thought.

Act now and get a reverse osmosis system of any water purifying system that would remove these bad products from your water source. Don’t play with your health.