Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample

Pretoria North East is a region on the Northern side of Pretoria. This region has about thirty suburbs that it manages. Most of the water is believed to come from the Roodeplaat dam with water form Rand water to fill up the supply demand. This section is the Index of all the suburbs that falls in this region. That is why you will only find the suburbs water information that is located in the region.

Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample information:

  • Tap water SA is situated in this region from where we go out and service reverse osmosis systems.
  • All the suburbs in this region have more or less the same parasites in the water present.
  • There are big operations going on in this region to upgrade the water supply in this region.
  • Water supply lines were laid that will replace some of the old pipelines that have been out dated.
  • The council do a wonderful job.
  • We must give them credit for the work they done.
  • We are not here to break them down but to give them recognition.

Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample Photos:

  • The photos that is on this regions section was taken from the reverse osmosis systems membrane.
  • This is the big filter that lay horizontal on top of the three filters of the reverse osmosis system.
  • This membrane is been replaced every 6  to 10 years depend on the quality filters that you use.
  • The three big filters that the service providers change every year play a very important role in the lifespan of the membrane.
  • You will ask.
  • Why are this parasites and other living stuff in the membrane?
  • Do the filters not working?
  • Why is the filters then clogged up every year when we service the reverse osmosis system?
  • The answer is that the service people do not know their water filters.
  • They do not know the difference between a high quality and a low quality filter.
  • All they know is the price difference between the types of filters.
  • It is not to say that the expensive water filters is of a higher quality.
  • No you must know more about the function and the different material composition.
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample Region of Greater Pretoria. About Thirty Suburbs Tap Water is Distributed but Contaminated with Different Parasites.

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Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample

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