Valley Farm Tap Water


Valley Farm Tap Water

The Valley Farm Tap Water.

Valley Farm Tap Water

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  • Valley Farm Tap Water group photos that show the types of parasites and live organisms that we found in the tap water.
  • Heath risk water treatment in question.

Photos of Valley Farm tap water sample?

  • Yes. This system in Valley farm suburb was serviced by us and the water sample was taken from the first filter housing of the system.
  • Why we did it was due to the fact that the type of filters that we use does not let this type of living organisms through to the membrane housing.
  • We took a water sample from the membrane housing and found nothing to photograph.

What is in Valley Farm tap water?

  • There were roundworms, Rotifers, eggs, Turbellarian family and Copepods.
  • The photo of the Copepods is from a dead one that was in the water sample.
  • They swim so fast that it is time consuming to get them photographed.
  • The other entire photo’s is from live organisms.
  • The circles that you see on the photos are where you will notice roundworms in.

Where does the live organisms do comes from that is in the Valley Farm tap water?

  • The supply water is from the counsel.
  • If you want to find out for yourself.
  • We advise you to; Google “activated sludge microorganisms or activated sludge micro bacteria”.
  • You can then decide for yourself from where these organisms come from.
  • I don’t want to tell you, some people will say that I use this to market my reverse osmosis systems.
  • To me it is more about the health information that I give you.
  • If you have studied the websites then go to and look for the names that they have mentioned on the website.

Would you drink tap water from that house?

Can I drink the tap water?

  • No. I will only drink water from there reverse osmosis system.
  • You must remember that some of these organisms will not kill you in a years’ time.
  • What they do is to multiply and break down your immune system.
  • When that is been reach then the host is weakened to the extent that any disease has a hold on the host.
What about the roundworm in the tap water?
  • I can only advise you to Google the word  roundworm.
  • Use the words effect of roundworms on humans.
  • Use the word Nematode also.
  • I do not want to influence you.
  • You must get the information yourself to make you own decision.
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Valley Farm Reverse Osmosis.

  • If you have a reverse osmosis system.
  • We would inspect your reverse osmosis system to established if it worked correctly.
  • You can also visit the website,
  • Service people just focus to replace the filters but never test every aspect of the reverse osmosis system.

Valley Farm Water.

I want to know more about Valley Farm tap water samples.

Having water disruptions in Valley Farm?

  • We experience water disruptions.

Having water cuts in Valley Farm?

  • Water cuts is now part of our lives.
  • We did something about it.
  • We installed a emergency water unit.

Having water shortage in Valley Farm?

  • We have water shortages on a regular basis.
  • We solve the water shortage problem.

Having no water in Valley Farm?

  • There is no water in the taps.
  • No water starts to become a problem.

Want a water unit in Valley Farm?

  • You are without water.
  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
  • Contact us today for a quotation!

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