Baileys Muckleneuk Tap Water

  • Baileys Muckleneuk is located just south of Sunny Side.
  • This is an old part of Pretoria but a lovely area to live in.
  • The biggest part of the suburb covers the mountain at the Unisa university.
  • This photos that you see on this page is from the suburbs tap water.
  •  The Baileys Muckleneuk Tap Water Sample was Taken from a System when we did a Service on a Water Purifying System of a Client that stay in Muckleneuk, Pretoria.

 Baileys Muckleneuk Tap Water sample from that suburb?

Baileys Muckleneuk Tap Water

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  • Yes. I did a service on a reverse osmosis system in the Baileys Muckleneuk Tap Water area.
  • Whenever I do a service on a water purifying system, I take a water sample.
  • The parasites and bacteria that I found in the water sample is the same type that I find in nearly every water sample.

Where do this parasites and bacteria come from?

  • I suggest that you look for yourself and then you will be able to tell others what you have found.
  • Nobody can then say that I did influence you in any way.
  • Just click on the link and it will take you to a website.
  • We have no part in the website or company.
  • “Activated sludge micro-organisms “or “activated sludge bacteria “.

Are the parasites and bacteria alive?

  • Yes it is alive especially the roundworms.
  • You will notice that the parasites and bacteria in the photo’s   on the web page are all in the linked site.
  • It is living parasites and bacteria that are in sewerage treatment plants.
  • That parasites and bacteria is active in our tap water.
Why are the parasites and bacteria in the reverse osmosis membrane?
  • The reason that they are in the membrane is due to the fact that the service people do not know there products.
  • They do not work according to the standards that ID-WATSS have set for domestic reverse osmosis systems.
  • They buy cheap filters and low quality products and sell it at a big profit.
  • We on the other hand can only use filters and products that are approved by ID-WATSS.
  • ID-WATSS do not sell or supply any water purifying products.
  • There only focus is the standards of domestic water treatment systems.

Where do the parasites and bacteria come from?

  • This parasites and bacteria can only come from the water treatment plant that use treated sewerage water.
  • One person who does tests on water told me that it could be that the parasites come from an opening or damaged pipeline.
  • Now that was the biggest bull sh… that he said.
  • The water pressure in the pipelines is sometimes at night as much as 12 000 kPa.
  • No person will be able to swim against that water pressure.
  • Not to talk about a worm that swim on one spot for 20 minutes.

Our area has a blue drop award.

  • What are the standards for the blue drop award?
  • Did you see it?
  • It is just laid down guidelines how to do the work.
  • That’s all.
  • Do you really think that the blue drop award is something?
  • It is just another way to make the people believe that the water is of a high quality because it has a blue drop ward.
  • I think you must start to get worried if the government start to tell you something that is so good.
  • You can believe the opposite.
  • Action:
    I have shown you what is been kept from you.
  • Information that plays a major role in your health and well-being.
  • Now you can’t say that you didn’t know.
  • The onus is now on you.
  • The question you must ask yourself is:
  • Do this stuff have a health implication?
  • Do it cause Diarrhea?
  • Why?
  • Is there any proof?

What are you going to do about your water quality?

  • If you are serious about your health log in or email we now and we will contact you.
  • The decision is yours act before it is too late.
  • You can phone me at 082 269 0210.
  • Our email is :


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Having water cuts in Muckleuk?

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Having no water in Muckleuk?

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  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
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