Pretoria East Tap water sample

Pretoria East Tap water sample: suburbs tap water photos of live organisms, proof that water looks clean but microscopically it is contaminated with live worms.

Pretoria East Tap water sample suburbs photos.

Pretoria East is a region located in the greater Pretoria area.

The tap water samples are from water purifying systems from the region. We want to show people from this region what is present in their tap water. People believe and trust that the tap water is safe. The thought that there will be harmful, threatening organisms or chemicals in the tap water is not an option. The government and municipality will look to it that the water is of the highest standards at all times.  You will say that this is not possible that this type of stuff could be present in you water. No it is not possible. Take us to the test. Let us show you. All we ask from you is the following. Arrange with a person who has a reverse osmosis system that we can take a sample from the system. We will bring the microscope with. You can then take a water sample of let’s say 10 drops. Let’s see what we get. Would you believe us then? Your eyes wouldn’t lie for you.

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Pretoria East Tap water sample suburb list:

Pretoria East Tap water sample

Pretoria East Tap water sample photos of live organisms present in the water.