Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Our Philip Nel Park Tap Water.

What is in Philip Nel Park Tap Water?

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

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  • Philip Nel Park tap water is not as it seems to be.
  • Contaminated with live organisms and worms like the Roundworms.
  • Don’t Play with Health, Act Now.

The Philip Nel Park tap water sample.

  • The Philip Nel park water sample was collected when we serviced a 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • The people who use this type of water purification systems are serious about their health and what they consume.
  • It is advisable to know what you consume.
  • If you take other peoples advice and believe every word they say.
  • That could be a lie or the truth.
  • Talking about believing people.
  • The government have introduced the “Blue Drop Status”.
  • This sounds like a health awareness campaign.
  • It is about the wonderful clean water treatment standards that the government implemented.
  • What is this “Blue Drop Status”?
  • Don’t know but it must be really good.
  • Why?
  • Because the ANC government ministers is all about the progress that’s been made.
  • Is the progress been made forwards or backwards?
  • If I look to these wonderful protein rich roundworms, that the government proved us with.
  • Yes protein and water combined.

Is Philip Nel Park tap water contaminated?

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

  • Why is this parasite in our tap water?
  • The roundworms for instance.
  • What is its habitat?
  • The Roundworm is a parasite that is often found in humans and animals.
  • They go unnoticed in the body.
  • Their work is to break down the immune system.
  • The moment the immune system is down the person or animal is then very susceptible for any type of disease or illness.
  • That can lead to the death.
  • You will definitely fond Roundworms in the sewage treatment plant.
  • Coming from the faeces of humans.
  • The treatment processes do not kill the Roundworm.
  • Yes I can tell you that, at my house the water had a strong chlorine smell.
  • I decided to take a water sample from my reverse osmosis filters.
  • The chlorine is present in the filter housing with the Roundworm trapped inside.
  • What was my surprise when I found that the Roundworms were still alive and well?
  • It seems that the chlorine had no effect on them.
  • Do not play with your health. Get a water treatment system.
  • Services going backwards.
  • Look to the ANC supporters that strike about poor service delivery.
  • Do you think for one moment that the water services will be of high quality? P
  • lease be realistic.
  • Don’t try to fool yourself.

Philip Nel Park Reverse Osmosis.

  • If you have a reverse osmosis system.
  • We would inspect your reverse osmosis system to established if it worked correctly.
  • You can also visit the website,
  • Service people just focus to replace the filters but never test every aspect of the reverse osmosis system.

Philip Nel Park Water.

I want to know more about Philip Nel Park tap water samples.

Having water disruptions in Philip Nel Park?

  • We experience water disruptions.

Having water cuts in Philip Nel Park?

  • Water cuts is now part of our lives.
  • We did something about it.
  • We installed a emergency water unit.

Having water shortage in Philip Nel Park?

  • We have water shortages on a regular basis.
  • We solve the water shortage problem.

Having no water in Philip Nel Park?

  • There is no water in the taps.
  • No water starts to become a problem.

Want a water unit in Philip Nel Park?

  • You are without water.
  • It’s time to get the emergency water unit.
  • We can supply and install the emergency water unit.
  • Contact us today for a quotation!

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Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water

Philip Nel Park Tap Water