Pretoria Central Western Tap Water Sample

The Pretoria Central Western region is just North and West from the centre of the Pretoria city centre. This is the old region of Pretoria if not the oldest in Pretoria.

With that in mind is it also important to know that the pipelines in some suburbs will be very old. The council is busy with upgrading of the water systems infrastructure. This is in this region where we first discover the parasites in the reverse osmosis systems. We have always taken a tap water sample and found nothing. We have told our clients that the water is fine and that it is free from any live organisms or parasites. That is before we found the right way to take the tap water sample and where to look for the parasites. That day was a turning point for us when we first saw the stuff crawling in the tap water sample under the microscope. Up-to-date 10/2013 we have taken more than 9000 photos and about 2000 video clips.

Every person in South Africa has the constitutional right to know if there tap water is safe to drink and what is in the tap water. We show you as it is. If you have any doubt about this photos. Find a person who has a reverse osmosis system or any other type of water filtration system in your suburb and we will take a water sample in your presence. There on the spot we will proof it to you.

The problem in South Africa is that the government officials do what they want to do. No one take responsibility of their perspective department. Raw sewer flows into our rivers and dams where our tap water comes from. This type of spillage last for months and nothing is been done. If you read the newspapers you will find, dams where fish dies due to the sewerage contamination. No legal action is been taken against the responsible persons. If you Google for live organisms in fresh water or tap water you will NOT find any of these live organisms. I recommend that you copy “activated sludge microorganisms” or “activated sludge bacteria” and Google it. Yes it is present in sewerage plants.

Pretoria Central Western Tap Water Sample: Photos of Suburbs Tap Water Organisms and Parasites Show Contamination of Treated Tap Water Supply.

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Pretoria Central Western Tap Water Sample

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