Midrand Tap Water Sample

Midrand Tap Water Sample area is a Large Area that Covered Numerous Suburbs With Tap Water is Contaminated with Parasites like Roundworms from Sewerage Plants.

Midrand Tap Water Sample Region:

Midrand Tap Water Sample

Midrand Tap Water Sample from Gerardsville tap water

Midrand is South from Pretoria. We haven’t done a lot of services of reverse osmosis systems in that region. We only have two water samples from that region. We have a few clients there but we do not always take a water sample when we do a service. The reason is that I am the only person who takes the samples and I will not accept a water sample that one of my people took. The reason is that when I take a sample I know where I took it and can stand for any facts regarding that water sample. It is of no value to have water samples and every one taking the water sample takes it a different way and place. I want consistency in all the water samples.

Midrand Tap Water Sample is a big area:

We intend to cover the entire area over a few years’ time. It is important to get the people informed about their tap water quality. What people do not know is that their tap water is contaminated with parasites like Roundworms that comes from sewerage treatment plants. The government will not inform the people about this issue. To recycle the sewerage treated water has a big cost saving implication to the government.

Problem with recycled sewerage water:

Who is responsible for the quality of the recycled water? What training did the person have? Is all the procedures documented or is it locked in a safe place for no one to see? Is the testing and laboratory still in a working order? Is all the equipment still in a functioning condition? Is all the material available to test and treat the water? Are the competent people at their post or is the on strike. What is the procedure if the person goes on leave? What if the person is suspended who will take his responsibility? The big question is: who have accepted responsibility for the plant. Will he be accountable?