The Moreleta Park borehole water.

  • During November I did an inspection in the Moreleta Park suburb.
  • The service was done on a big blue system and a reverse osmosis system.
  • I took some water samples from the big blue system to see what I can find in the water.
  • This water is from a borehole that is about 45 meters deep.

Live organisms in Moreleta Park borehole water.

  • This is the first borehole water sample that I took from this suburb.
  • We would only be able to establish what is in the suburbs water when we did some more samples.
  • The water has a very fine lime dust in.
  • The only live organisms that I found were a few rotifers.
  • It is strange that we did not found any roundworms.

This is how the rotifer looks like that was found in the Moreleta Park borehole water.

Moreleta Park borehole water

Moreleta Park borehole water

Moreleta Park borehole water

This is how the water sample looks like.

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