Health effects of drinking borehole water

Discuss the health effects of drinking borehole water.

What are the health effects of drinking borehole water?

 You have notice that we have published a post about the dangers of drinking borehole water.
I think it is time that we say something about the health effects of drinking borehole water.
People only see the bad things in life and don’t even notice the small things.

What is the difference between borehole water and municipality water?

People think that municipality water is better than borehole water.
The people that use borehole water on the other hand think that borehole water is better.
Which of the two is the best?
To be honest!
In my personal view I believe that borehole water is a better choice.
Yes, borehole water is the best choice.

Reasons why borehole water is better than municipality water.

Municipality water is laden with all types of chemicals, minerals and not to talk about all the diseases that are present in the water.
You would say that the water is been treated.
Treated my bud!
The water is been treated to have a clean appearance and some elements is been treated.
Do you think they remove any of the chemicals that may be present in the water?
We talk about thousands of different chemicals.
It is not possible.
You can read visit the page about “Tap Water Source”.
This would give you a better insight regarding municipality water.

Borehole water on the other hand could be contaminated with bacteria or some type of chemical.
This can be rectifying.
All that you must do is to get your water tested at an accredited laboratory.
With that test results it will show you what needs to be treated.
In my view there is not a 0.5 % of the stuff that is present in the municipality water present in the borehole water.
That is if the municipality sewerage manhole overflow into your borehole feed.

Municipality treated water versus borehole water.

Borehole water would be my first choice due to the chemicals that is present in the municipality water.
The question that must be ask:
what is the maintenance level at the local municipality sewerage plant and at the water treatment facility? That is for you to judge.
What do you think happened to the sewerage that flow from that manhole for the last two weeks?
Who take responsibility for that pollution?


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