Water is cut and I need water.

The emergency unit is to ensure that you would have water at all times.
You still use the municipality water.
We install a tank with a pressure pump that would work the moment the water is been cut.
The moment you open a tap the pressure pump starts to pump water at 3 bar water pressure.
We do it all the time.

Installing an emergency water unit.

All that you do is to contact us.
At the bottom of this page is a form that would send us an email.
Please provide us your info and we will email you back.
We would then need to know some critical information about the amount of water that you use per day.
That will also give us a clear indication of the size of unit you are looking for.

Without water!

You can't go without an emergency water unite these days in Gauteng.
Act now and get the wheels rolling.
We work round the clock to install the units.
Dont be without water!
You will have water while your neighbours have none.

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.
Emergency Water Unit