Treatment of well point water and borehole water.

Advice on the treatment of well point water.

  • Get the water tested as soon as possible.
  • Don’t even think of getting a water filtration system.
  • It could be a waste of money.
  • Most of the time we don’t use water filters.
  • To think that water filters would solve any water dangers.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Talk to us.
  • Why don’t you send us an email?  IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Water treatment systems for well point water.

  • There are the filters for water with sediment in and bigger particles.
  • The carbon filters to remove any chlorine from the water source.
  • The water softener is to make the water soft by removing Calcium and Magnesium.

The iron removal from well point water.

  • The iron removal system to remove iron and manganese from the water.
  • This is just a few systems.
  • Caution must be taken with different elements that can have an influence on the effectiveness of a specific system.
  • One is the water softener system that would be of no value if there is Sodium present in the water.


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