Want to know more about the Cape Town borehole water filtration systems that we can use to treat our borehole water.

Best borehole water filtration systems?

There is no one system treat all water.
The people that do not know anything about water treatment will inform you that the 20” Big Blue System is the best you can get.
That is not the case. The Big blue system is totally ineffective.
Please stay away from the big blue system because it gives a false sense of security.
The big blue system is in my eyes a waste of money.

Cape Town water filtration system advice.

The best you can do is to talk to people that specialize in the treatment of underground water.
People like plumbers, drilling contractors and water shops know nothing about underground water treatment.
Stay away from them as possible.
They will sell you any system just for the sake of selling.

Water treatment advice.

Every borehole and well point is different and must be treated that way.
A borehole and a well point can be 10 meters apart and their water will differs.
That is why we always advice people to test their water before they approach us for a quotation or advice.
I will not give you any advice because I only work from the report and from nothing else.
I want facts.

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