Inline Chlorinator unit.

The Inline Chlorinator unit is installed on a water supply line to the water tank.
The untreated water flows through the inline chlorinator unit.
Unmeasured amounts of the chlorine tablets dissolve into the water.
This chlorine is then carried away in the water.

The chlorine level being added and controlled by a spring.
The spring lowers or raises the chlorine cartridge into the flowing water.
To get a higher chlorine level you only have to lower the cartridge that would then expose more chlorine tables to the flowing water.

If you want to lower the chlorine level that is added to the water you lift the chlorine tablets from the flowing water.

These inline chlorinator chlorine cartridges hold 10 Chlorine tablets each.

The Lifespan of a chlorine cartridge differs from application to application. It all dependents on a number of variables including:

  • Quality of the source water
  • Flow rate (litres per hour)
  • The Dosage level set on the unit

Installation of the Inline Chlorinator.

There are two options for installing the Chlorinator.
You can install the inline chlorinator on the supply to the tank.
The next option is to install it on a bypass line.
This would be if you want to bypass the chlorinator.

Prices of the chlorine cartridge.

The question that you must ask yourself is.
Where do I get these chlorine cartridges?
The person that install or provide the system to you would be able to supply you with these products.
They can now ask you whatever that wants.
They know you would not be able to get it.
The then will come up with this service plan.
Ask questions before they install this or even sell it to you.

Inline chlorinator advice.

The best advice that I would give you is to stay away from this product as far as possible.
I believe in fair honest business principles.
I will not use this product myself and if I will not use it, it would not be good for my clients to use it.
The negative weights heavier than the positive.

Inline Chlorinator
Inline Chlorinator

Inline Chlorinator

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