Cape Town Borehole Water

Tell us more about Cape Town borehole water.

What is in Cape Town Borehole Water?

Cape Town Borehole Water is the water that can change from good to complicated results. Water has salt and hard water at the same time. Making it difficult to treat hard water due to the fact that salt is been used to get rid of the Calcium and Magnesium that accumulate on the resin in the water softener systems. I have seen water test results that couldn’t get worst. Everything that you can think could go wrong is present in the water.

Cape Town Borehole Water testing.

What frustrate me the most is some of the test results that we get especially from the Cape region? If I look to the test results it seems to me that the client was told to test for stuff that is not applicable. I want to ask people that want to test their borehole water to first make sure what they want to achieve with the results. Is it to test the water for human consumption or is it for gardening. Always ask for the SANS 241 standard test.

Cape Town Borehole Water filtration services.

We can advise, supply and install water systems for borehole water treatment and municipality water. When borehole water is the subject, we require a water test report from an accredited laboratory. We will not do any installation on borehole water if we don’t know the status of the borehole water. It is not about the money involved. We value the health and well-being of our clients and their families. We want to ensure that the water system that we install is the correct application for the specific water quality.

Cape Town water treatment systems.

Cape Town water is most of the time hard. Calcium and Magnesium cause the water to be hard. The two combine create this hard water effect. The only way to treat this is to install a water softener system. The maintenance of this system is a bag of salt once a month. The salt causes the Calcium and Magnesium to separate from the resin in the cylinder to be flushed out in the drain. This proses is called regeneration proses.


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