Only a UV light and a 5 Stage reverse osmosis system is acceptable for borehole water when it involves health.

A borehole filtration system is a must when you make use of borehole water.
The borehole water must be tested for any harmful minerals and bacteria.
Better be safe than sorry.
Don’t play with your health.

Types of Borehole Filtration Systems.

The most popular filtration system supplied by borehole operators and marketers of water systems is:
The “Big Blue System.”
The reverse osmosis system.
The softener system.
The UV light system.
Specific treatment vessels for specific applications.

The “Big Blue System”.

My advice to you is, STAY AWAY from the “Big Blue System”.
The “Big Blue System” is not effective.
It is a waste of money.
We also supply the “Big Blue Systems”.
To use the “Big Blue System” to filter borehole water is a total waste of money.
They use two carbon filters in the system.
To remove what?
The "Big blue system" would help to remove dirt (sediment) from the water source.

To proof my statement.

  • Please click on the WWW.
  • Please read the page and look to the videos at the bottom of the page.
  • This stuff that you would see was found after a “Big Blue System”.

The reverse osmosis system.

Yes the reverse osmosis system is a must!
Only the 5 Stage reverse osmosis system with “Bio Activated Carbon Filters”.
Some imported filters are a waste of money.
Do not take a reverse osmosis system that has the mineral replacement filters.
The mineral replacement filters is fake.
Ask the person that wants to sell it to you for independent laboratory reports.
They will not be able to provide it.
Visit "fake filters".

The UV Light system.

The UV Light system is also a must!
The UV light kills all living organisms that are present in the borehole water.
The UV light is use to clean all the water that you use from the borehole.

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Borehole Filtration System for Farms:

Our Borehole Filtration System that will kill parasites, bacteria and viruses, and filter your borehole water.
We look to borehole water with health of humans and animals in mind.
We all think that borehole water is the purest of water.
Yes we as children have drink from boreholes and that was the same as if you drink water from a fountain in the mountains.
Borehole water and the fountain water is one and the same water.
The water that comes from the under the ground.
Sometimes even a few hundred meters, below the surface.

Water flow under the ground.

The water flow through pipes and cracks that’s in the ground.
The water flow over long distances even hundreds of kilometers.
With the population expansion and all the informal settlements that’s been around towns and cities.
This is a great concern for us.

Concerned about all this informal settlements?

The reason is that every shack has a long drop toilet.
This long drop toilet is just a hole in the ground and that is that.
There are specifications for French drains and if you have a French drain it must comply with the regulations.
The building inspector will never sign your building plans off if the French drain is not to specifications.
But we are in Africa and the African can do whatever they want.
No problem about that.
We look the other way.

The problem is or must I say as they say “we have a challenge” not a problem.

This long pit toilet is a major contamination source of any type of disease or parasite that you can dream off.
Roundworms, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and parasites are just a few to mention.
The groundwater flow past or through this long drop toilet hole.
All the stuff is them mixed with the groundwater.
Just think about all the sweet smell.

Borehole water filtration.

Humans and animals must drink the borehole water.

It is not a good idea to get your drinking water purified but let your animals drink this contaminated water.
The animals drink this water and the contamination is then stored in their meat for us to consume and be infected.
The farmer pay the price for this contamination for it has an effect on the animal’s health and growth rate.

Borehole filters system.

We put a water filtration system in the water feed line from the tank.
We use the products that we have tested even under a microscope.
To service and maintain the system is not expensive at all.
But if you start buying these imported products you are going to pay and make the suppliers rich.
Talk to us first.
Where a filter cost you say R 450 each I will show you what to do and it will cost you a few rand.

Tank UV light system.

The UV light in the tank to kill most of the living organisms is not effective.
This system is not effective due to the distance between the light and the side of the tank.
You have also the dirt that accumulate around the light that blocks the rays.
The best UV light is still the one that is in the steel unite.
We install this UV system to ensure that the living organisms is been killed before it gets to the filter system.

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We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.
Borehole Filtration System

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