Borehole Water

Borehole water is one of the most important substances that we rely on to live.
That is a problem if you do not have treated water supplied by Rand Water.
When you rely on borehole water to use for drinking water.
You could have some problems.
For our borehole water is not as it was say twenty years ago.
The fact is that our borehole water is contaminated.
We must care for our health and that includes quality borehole water.

Borehole water and your health.Borehole Water

Borehole water is not what you think it is.
Our borehole water is contaminated and if you drink it, it can have a health effect on you in the long run.
We do not only look to the health of humans but the animal’s health is just as important.
An animal that drink contaminated water store the contamination in their meat for us to consume at a later stage.
Parasites and live microorganisms is a major problem when it comes to borehole water.
We have studied the water quality especially live microorganisms and have come up with a solution to solve this contamination problem.

Borehole Water filter System

We use a filtration system at the outgoing side of the water tank.
Yes we filter the water that comes from the water tank.
This filter system is very effective and the maintenance cost is very low.
Not even the price people pay for the reverse osmosis systems services.
Too good to be true.
Test us on this.
We will proof it to you.
Suppliers will not be very happy.

Borehole Water UV Light System

We use a UV Light system in the water tank to kill all living microorganisms.
Yes we use the water tank for maximum protection.
The water in the tank stays in the tank for let’s say 12 hours.
12 hours that any organism is expose to the UV rays is just the thing for them.
If we put a UV Light unit on the outgoing line from the tank the time the organism is in contact with the UV rays is to short let’s say a few seconds.
Not effective in our eyes.
We want maximum protection and effective killing of the organisms.

Borehole water

What is the Quality of your Borehole water?

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