Paardefontein Borehole Water

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems.  Paardefontein Borehole Water Sample.

In what land is the Paardefontein borehole water sample been taken?

Paardefontein Borehole Water

Paardefontein is in South Africa, about 40 kilometers North of Pretoria.

  • The area is farmland area.
  • The premises where I got this borehole water sample are in a game range.
  • I did a reverse osmosis system installation.
  • The night before the animals damage the pipeline at the water tank and all the water flow out.
  • That morning they repair the pipeline and pump water into the tank again.
  • Paardefontein Borehole Water was taken from a borehole and not from the tank.


Health situation mentioned relating to Paardefontein borehole water consumption.

  •  I was informed that there visitors get diarrhea when they consume the borehole water.
  • Because fresh water was pumped into the tank the chances is slim that I would get any parasites.
  • I took a 5 liter water sample anyway and the photos are a reflection of what I have found in the borehole water.
  • The one type of bacteria caught my attention.
  • It was the type that is aggressive that kills other parasites and cause diarrhea.

Is Paardefontein borehole water safe to drink?

No, we have found a bacteria that cause diarrhea.
We advice people that use borehole water never to think the water is safe.

Why do you say it is that specific bacteria that cause diarrhea.


What happened before in my office:

  • I collected all the water samples that I have of the suburbs.
  • I through them into a big 5 liter glass bottle.
  • While I was looking under the microscope, I notice 3 of these fast swimming bacteria in the water sample.
  • When I was finished with the suburbs water sample I throw it into the glass bottle.
  • There were more than a thousand roundworms in the bottle and other organisms.
  • I prick my finger and let two drops of blood into the glass bottle water.
  • Three days past and I thought by myself to take a look and see what is going on.
  • There was not a trace of any roundworm or living organisms.
  • There were millions of these fast moving bacteria.
  • I have found these same bacteria in a few water tanks where people complain about diarrhea.
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Paardefontein Borehole Water

Paardefontein Borehole Water

This is the aggressive bacteria that cause vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. Young children, babies and old people are vulnerable to these bacteria. If the bacteria counting are too high in the body the person can die. It seems to me that they multiply when there is a presence of blood.


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