We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. Is the  Borehole water unsafe?

  • Do you really think that our Borehole water unsafe for human consumption.
  • Do not consume or use borehole water if you do not know the lab results that state that the water is approved for human consumption.
  • A very important thing to remember is that the borehole water can become a killer in a few seconds.
  • That is the reason the labs will never give you certification that the water is quarantined safe for human consumption.
  • They do not know what the borehole feeding area is.

Is the borehole water unsafe for human consumption?

  • Twenty years ago the borehole water was save.
  • Today the borehole water can cause your death.
  • Do you want to die slowly and painfully?
  • Use borehole water that is not been treated.
  • Borehole water unsafe for human consumption.
  • Yes you will make a big noise, saying what does this man knows I drink it for thirty years.
  • Yes but who is in charge of our water in South Africa.
  • What does the minister know about water and what experience do they have?
  • Back to the borehole water.
  • Borehole water runs underground and we do not know from where it comes.
  • The water flow for kilometers from any direction past your borehole to the next borehole.
  • If this borehole water flow under a settlement let’s say a squatter camp.
  • Every shack has a long drop.
  • Where do you think that water and human waste flow to or does it just disappear.
  • Yes, it disappears into the ground by means of natural pipes and cracks in the ground.
  • The same as the natural pipes and cracks the water flow through.
  • This borehole water that you use may have flow pass a long drop say about 12 kilometers away.
  • Do you think the water will be clean the moment it reaches your borehole?
  • No, the borehole water will be still polluted.
  • Did you know that some boreholes water is so contaminated that it is not even suitable for irrigation on plant material that animals must feed on.
  • There are even some boreholes that is radioactive and that the irrigation of any plant will cause the plant to be radioactive.
  • No you did not know.
  • Do you think the government will inform the public about this?
  • Never in your live.
  • To use borehole water is your responsibility to ensure that the water is safe for you to drink.
  • Contact us for advice.
  • Water is live or death.

Is the borehole water really unsafe?

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