We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. Is there Live Borehole Water Microorganisms?

  • Borehole Water Microorganisms is commonly found in boreholes but the problem in South Africa is the fact that our borehole water is been contaminated.
  • Yes it is contaminated.
  • You must remember that the underground water flow where we cannot see where it flow.
  • The water flow hundreds of kilometers underground.
  • The townships and settlements with all their long drop toilets is the biggest contamination factor.
  • Second is a sewerage treatment plant that is malfunctioning.
  • Then lastly the industries.

Discuss the subject of “Borehole Water Microorganisms”

Borehole water quality history:

Borehole water quality in 1980.

  • The borehole water was clean and free from any contaminants.
  • The environment was healthy and pollution was not any danger.
  • Human settlements were less that today.
  • Mines and industries was well regulated.
  • Law enforcement was applied and very strict.

Borehole water quality 2014:

  • Contaminated to the extent that the newspapers report about cholera outbreaks.
  • Sewerage in rivers and dams.
  • No law enforcement on council members who do not act if there is a sewerage spillage problem.
  • Government’s inability to act on government officials that do not do their work.
  • Government officials who do not take responsibility for their work or office.
  • Pollution by mine industry and illegal mining practices.
  • Pollution by the industries on the outskirts of suburbs and towns.
  • Chemical spillage into the environment like rivers and wed-lands.

Borehole water for human consumption:

Safe borehole water:

  • There is not a thing like safe borehole water in South Africa.
  • The borehole water quality change all the time.
  • Pollution takes place in your area all the time and what do you think the government do about it.
  • The next war will be for clean water.
  • In South Africa they want farms and don't care about water or anything.
  • Just read the news and see what happens with the water.
  • when last did you go to the "Hartbeespoort dam".
  • Not to talk to the Vaalrivier dam where you can get human faeces that is in the water.


Unsafe borehole water:

  • That is the water that we consume today.
  • You can test the borehole water today and tomorrow you can die from that same borehole water.
  • Contact farming community members that are focused on borehole water quality.
  • You will be shocked to hear what they have to say.
  • Time to act. Get advice and act according. Do not wait for our ANC government.
  • Do not buy the first water purifying system in site. The salespeople are there to make money.
  • If you want advice, contact us and we will assist you with advice.
  • It is your and the families health we are dealing with. We take it very seriously.


Do you having any questions regarding borehole water discussions?

  • You know what to do.
  • Act!
  • Contact us any way you want but do it now!


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