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  2. Is the Borehole water contaminated with cholera?
  • The Limpopo water department announced in the media that the borehole water is contaminated with cholera.
  • Why is the water contaminated?
  • What or where is the contamination source of this cholera?
  • What action is to be taken and what is the outcome of this problem.
  • Was it solved and what the preventative measures are.

What did the Limpopo dept. warn against?

  • The Limpopo health department spokesperson inform the media that borehole water contaminated cholera is a health risk.
  • People who use water from rivers and boreholes must first boil their water before they drink it.
  • The water is been contaminated with cholera and can be live threatening to the old and young children.

Why is the borehole water contaminated with cholera?

  • Diseases such as cholera are among the leading causes of death, illness and disability in the province.
  • The spokesperson advice people to wash fruit and vegetables with sterile water.
  • Why?
  • The fruit and vegetables were irrigated with water from rivers and boreholes that could be contaminated with cholera bacteria.
  • That water is contaminated and the cholera is on the fruit and vegetables.

How is cholera transmitted?

  • Cholera is transmitted by eating food that was washed or irrigated with water that is contaminated with the cholera bacteria.
  • Drinking water that is contaminated with the cholera bacteria.
  • In some places in South Africa the borehole water is already contaminated with cholera.
  • Why?
  • Because the towns let the sewerage run into the dams and rivers.
  • Cholera comes from human faecal matter.
  • Every house and shack in the townships has a long drop.
  • Where do you think does that faecal material go?
  • In the ground water that flows past boreholes.
What do the government about this sewerage pollution?
  • They do not care.
  • Did you ever heard of a manager from any municipality that was prosecuted for the pollution of sewerage in rivers or dams.
  • The government is the body that must police the pollution but they do nothing to their comrades that are responsible for this fiasco.
What can I do to if I use this cholera water?
  • My advice to you is to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system with a UV light.
  • The reverse osmosis system will purify the water and the UV light will kill any live organism and bacteria, cholera included.

Contact us and we will advise you what to do.

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Where did you get the information?

It was in the News 24 on the 20/12/2013.

This is the link.



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