Removing Nitrates from well point or borehole water.

Removal of Nitrates from well point or borehole water is a miracle.

Advice on the removal of nitrates from well point water.

You walked into the local water shop and talk to the owner.
You believe that he would know how to remove nitrates from water.
You ask him if he know how to remove nitrates from water.
His answer would be “Yes”. You think he knows because he says so.
NO! He does not know anything about borehole or well point water treatment.
I can assure you that.
All he knows is how to operate the reverse osmosis and ozone system in his shop.
I have a friend that owns a water shop.
Clients walk in and start to talk about any water subject.
I was present when clients talk about borehole water.
Every time I hear him talking about water treatment, I am shocked.
The information that he provide the clients about the water treatment is shocking.
To listen to the grab he tells them, they believe him.

Do reverse osmosis removes nitrates?

I can tell you that the reverse osmosis system would not remove nitrate from the water.
People think that the reverse osmosis system removes everything from the water.
That is what the people in the water industry tell people.
In my view is that there is information given out that have no backing or any proof.
They assume that the reverse osmosis system removes the nitrates but never test if it is in actual fact the case. That is the reason that I test every product and application to make sure that when I promote a product that it would work.

Nitrates in well point water.

It’s common to find nitrates in well point or borehole water especially in the Cape region.
When the nitrates reading is below the standard it hold no health hazards in for humans.
It is a totally different serious when the nitrate reading is high.
What action do you think must be taken in that case?
There is only one option you have and that is to remove it from the water source.
It is easier said than done.
To remove the nitrates from water is a very complicated process and not everyone in the industry knows how to do that.
Only the few!

The Solution for the removal of the nitrates from the water source.

I was so fortunate to stumble upon the solution for the removal of the nitrate from the water source.
There is only a hand full of people that know how to remove the nitrates from the water source successfully.


Removing Nitrates

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