Advice for the treatment of borehole water.

If you ask somebody if they know someone that can treat borehole water the answer would be yes!
I personally know a plumber those knowns absolutely nothing about the treatment of borehole or well point water.
He advertise on social media that he do borehole and well point water treatment.
You think that he knows what he is talking about.
The fact is that he is just after the money and that’s all he is interested in.
Water treatment is not about the water it is all about the health of the people and animals that drink that water.
The problem with these so called experts is that you would not find them when there are some serious problems.

Advice on groundwater.

Never take the quality of the water for granted.
The water can change at any moment from a good quality to poison.
That is when the water is been treated some factors must be kept in mind.
Like bacteria levels that is low in the water analysis.
The next day the bacteria reading could be through the roof.
Treat water always as if the bacteria levels are high.
Bacteria have this nasty habit that it manifests after some time.
Most of the time it could be years and then when the people gets ill the damage is been done.
I don’t want that for my clients.
No money in the world can justify that.

Advice on water treatment systems.

Don’t think that there is a system that treats everything.
People would tell you that the reverse osmosis system is the best.
It is a good system but as every system it has its good and bad points.
That is why it is so important that the water is tested to establish what needs to be treated.
You can need one, two or even four different systems to treat the water.

Reverse Osmosis and groundwater.

Some suppliers would push you to get a reverse osmosis system to treat must of the water.
Stay away it is not worth it.
Let’s say your water is hard and you did not have a system to treat it.
The calcium and magnesium will definitely clog up the membrane of the reverse osmosis system.
That will cost you a small fortune to replace that membrane on a regular basis.
This is what I get at some clients that have some water issues.
The person that installed the water treatment system did not have the knowledge about the different applications for the different elements.

Plumbers and water treatment systems.

This is a no go!
Stay away from any plumber that installs water treatment systems.
They know how to work with water pipes and leaks.
They do not have the knowledge how to treat groundwater.
If you want to play around with your health.
Use a plumber.

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