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    Borehole water smells like sewerage is a major problem.

  • This could be due to different situations.
  • It could be the borehole water source, something in the borehole that is decomposing like a dead snake.
  • The water in the water storage tank that is not sealed properly and some kind of lizard, bird, rat or any small living thing that falls into the water.
  • It drowned and is busy to decompose.
  • This is a cause of diarrhea.

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My borehole water smell like sewerage.

The problem with borehole water that smells is due to a few problems.

  • The underground water supply is polluted by sewerage from some type of source.
  • Underground water supply runs past a French drain that overflows.
  • Heavy rains because French drain to overflow and sewerage been spilled in groundwater.
  • Borehole water supply from river nearby.
  • Sewerage pollution of any type.
  • Long drop as far as 800 meters from borehole is a big problem.

What cause my borehole water to smell like sewerage?

Your water tank can be the course of the problem.

  • Is the tank open?
  • Some bird, lizard, rat or any dead thing in the tank.
  • Tree leaves in tank.
  • Water source is not clean even tap water from city council.
  • Bacteria accumulation by heat on tank from sun.
  • OR
  • It could be Hydrogen sulfide.

Borehole water tested indicated, it is safe for human consumption.

No, you don’t understand it correctly.

Yes, you test the water but for what?
Please look on the water test reports section.

  • What did they test for?
  • You have marked on the form what to test for.
  • Did you marked for any parasites?
  • Nematodes (roundworms) amoebas or any live organisms.
  • The lab will only test for what they are accredited for.
  • Take a good look to the lab form you have marked.
  • Did you marked E.Coli, faecal coliform, protozoan, salmonella, yeast and moulds.

No lab will put it on paper to state that your water is safe for human consumption. Show it to me. That is an assumption that you made!

Borehole Water Smell Like Sewerage

Borehole Water Smell Like Sewerage, snake in the borehole.

Solution for borehole water that smell like sewerage.

  • Contact us.
  • We will look under the microscope what are in the water on site.
  • We will advise you what to do.

Problem with sewerage in borehole water.

  • This is a big problem.
  • Every place we visit, that make use of french drains we inspect the drain.
  • Only a fraction of the french drains is up to standard.
  • That is no wander that there is sewerage in borehole water.
  • Your neighbors french drain could be your problem.
  • If it is not your own french drain that is the cause of your borehole contamination.

Water system for sewerage in borehole water.

  • We have a water filtration system that would help.
  • The system cleans the water to the extend that you can drink the water.
  • To drink the borehole water when it is contaminated with sewerage is live threatening.
  • You can get long term health problems. Things like kidney failure and there a a lot more health issues that it would have.

Our Borehole Water Smell like Sewerage and we Experience Diarrhea at times. What can the Problem be?  Borehole Water is the Cleanest and Purest Water Available? That is what the people believe.


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