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Borehole Water Problem Solving Section is some of the borehole problems that we discussed what we have found in the field.
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Testing  of water pollution factors.

  • This section is all about questions clients have regarding borehole related problems.
  • If you experience problems with your borehole water this is the place to be.
  • Ask a borehole water related question that you have experienced.
  • To use borehole water without tests for contamination is very dangerous.
  • Borehole water is contaminated just as the water in our rivers and dams.
  • The sewerage in the rivers and dams gets their way into the borehole water.
  • Contaminated borehole water can have live threatening consequences.
  • Water is a big source of health related problems.
  • Our bodies are more than 70% water.
  • The water quality that we drink plays a critical role in our health and the way our bodies function.
  • Don’t gamble with the health of your family.

The borehole water solution regarding contaminated water?

Testing  of water pollution factors.

Borehole Water Problem Solving Section

Borehole Water Problem Solving Section

  • Do an analysis of the borehole water at a laboratory.
  • Test for the correct substances.
  • What are the pollution problems in the area?
  • Were there any pollution or contamination incidents over the years in a 50 kilometer radius?
  • What are the identified risk factors?

Action taken to address borehole water problems.

  • Water treatment process to eliminate the problem.
  • Water treatment system or plant.
  • Preventative action plan for the long term solution.
  • Treatment action plan from beginning to the end.
  • Water testing schedule on a ongoing basis
  • Testing of water before and after the treatment process.

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Borehole water smell like sewage

My borehole water smell like sewage.

Why is my borehole water smells like sewage or rotten?

I have tested my borehole water and it is safe for human consumption.

Solution with borehole water that smell like sewage or rotten.

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