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Critical: When borehole water is been purified a UV light must be installed before the reverse osmosis system.

What borehole purifying system do I need?

  • There is two things we must address:
  • First the water that we absorb: Drinking water.
  • The second is the water used for everyday purposes:
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Water that we drink:

  • That is the water our bodies will absorb and everything that could be present in the water.
  • That water that we drink must be purified and free of any harmful elements.
  • This is where we advise our clients to get the 5 stage reverse osmosis system with the “Bio activated carbon filters”.
  • The reverse osmosis system removes nearly everything from the water source.
  • Only the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • Forget the mineral replacement filters. It is fake.
  • The water that comes from the reverse osmosis system is purified water.
  • You can visit this page for more information.
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Everyday water usage.

  • The water that we use for everyday use like washing clothes, bathing, washing dishes and more.
  • That water doesn’t need to be purified.
  • That water can only be free from any live organisms.
  • Live organisms like roundworms, amoebas, bacteria and more.
  • The minerals that are present in the water do not have a health threat.
  • Here we recommend a UV Light system.
  • The UV light system is a system that is installed on the water supply inline pipe.
  • The UV light system can manage to kill all live organisms as the water flow through the system.
  • You can visit this page for more information.
  • For prices on the UV light system visit the page.
  • This is the two systems that you need.
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What about the “Big blue system?

  • We know that most of the sales people will advise you that the best that you can get is the “Big blue system”.
  • The big blue system is not effective.
  • We have proof. Live organisms like roundworms, amoebas, rotifers and bacteria still go through the system.
  • Don’t play with your health.
  • If you want to know more on the big blue system feel free to contact us.
  • We also sell the big blue system.
  • It depends on the application you want.
  • See what when through the "big blue system".

What systems do I need to treat borehole water?

  • Yes and no.
  • Yes for a source where you can get clean pure water to drink.
  • On condition that the system and the installation is done according to the  procedures.
  • If not then you have a situation where you think that your water is safe but it could be the same as the water from the tank.
  • A system that has a problem is better than not having one.
  • The biggest problem is the people who install the systems. They just want to make a few bucks and then you will never find them again.

 Reverse osmosis systems for boreholes.

  • The water that you bath in how clean is it?
  • The water you make food with or wash the dishes with.
  • The water you brush your teeth with.
  • What about the water you wash your clothes with.
  • The water that you use on the farm.
  • The water your workers drink and use.
  •  The water that your animals drink.
  • That water is not purified by the reverse osmosis system.
  • Clean all the water that’s been used by people and animals.
  • That is a better option than a reverse osmosis system.
  • The system is low maintenance and still effective.
  • Do it the right way the first time.
  • If a person wants to sell you a reverse osmosis system on a farm or any place where you use borehole water send them away if they do not make use of the "Bio Activated Carbon filters".
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Borehole reverse osmosis systems  been used.

  • Simple and cost effective.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Effective water purification.
  • You will not believe your eyes.
  • Talk to us!


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