• Bank requirement for borehole water is there for the health and safety of the banks clients.
  • It is to ensure that the client have clean consumable water to drink.
  • When a person buys a property all legal requirements must be comply with.

We can help you with the Bank requirement for borehole water.

  • Contact us and we will help you.
  • We will need information from you.
  • Please provide us with a cell phone number and a land line as well.
  • Where the property is located.
  • What the water quality is in the area.
  • We would need a water sample.
  • Please let us know what bank required the information.
  • We also need the contact information of the bank official who we can contact.

You contact us and let us fulfill the bank requirement for borehole water:

  • The laws required some strange information from the seller these days.
  • You must make known any hidden fault or problem that the buyer do not know about.
  • The water is a big health issue.
  • The borehole water is not as safe as twenty years ago.
  • The borehole water can get polluted at any given time and if you can proof that it was safe the moment you sold the property then you are safe.
  • If you did not have any proof that the water was not safe for human consumption then you will have to pay compensation.
  • You do not have any surprises after you have sold your property.
  • You want to move on.
  • Do it right and you have no problems later on?
  • We will help and solve the water related problem for you.
  • The bond is approved and you just have this one problem.
  • The moment you want to put your property in the market contact us to have this surprise at the very last moment.

What do the bank want in regards boreholes?

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