I’m looking for a Borehole Water Test Form in Cape Town.

Where can I get a Borehole Water Test Form?

We can assist you with a Borehole Water Test Form in Cape Town.

  • Frustrated to find an accredited water testing laboratory in your area.
  • Download the Borehole Water Test Form PDF file.
  • Print the PDF file.
  • Fill in the form.
    All the elements on the list must be marked.
  • That is important to have an understanding of the water quality of the sample.
  • Don’t forget to mark the “Yes” on the form for the lab to send us a copy of the report.
  • Courier your borehole water Sample with the Form to “Water Lab” or to Bemlab .
  • It takes between 7 and 10 working days from the time they receive the sample.
  • They will send you an invoice.
  • Once the amount is paid they will provide you with the results.
  • You can send us the water testing results and we will provide you with a report.

Sending the Water Sample:

Water Testing Laboratories.

Cape Town Water Testing laboratory:


Address:16 Van der Berg Crescent, Gant’s Centre, Strand
Tel: 021 853 1490 
Email (technical): admin@bemlab.co.za 
Email (accounts): bemacc@bemlab.co.za 
Email (consultation):  Dr Pieter Raath - pieter.raath@bemlab.co.za

Gauteng Water Testing laboratory.

Water Lab

Address: 23B De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Techno Park, Meiring Naude Road, Pretoria.
PO Box: P.O. Box 283 Persequor Techno Park 0020
Email Address: ard@waterlab.co.zaldewet@waterlab.co.zakali@waterlab.co.za or accounts@waterlab.co.za.
Phone Number: 012-349-1044/1066
Website: Water Lab

Cape Town Borehole Water Analysis.

This Cape Town borehole water analysis tells me nothing.
We will assist you with the Borehole Water analysis.
We can provide you with a report on the status of the water analysis.
We will show you the problem areas and the quality of the water.
What actions need to be taken?
Action to take!
Send us the borehole water analysis.
You can E-mail the analysis to do@askit.co.za.
Water Sample container.

Borehole water sample container.

Get a clean 2 liter container that seals tight. You don’t want the water to leak during transportation. Yes it is better to get a sterile container from the lab. But a clean container is better than no container at all. To wait until you have a sterile container is a sure way to never test the water. Act no and do it! Use a permanent marker to write the address on the container. The order number is very important. Always use the order number when you have a query.


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Download Borehole water testing Form

Borehole water testing Form in Cape Town

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