Borehole water test report

What is the borehole water test report all about?

  • The borehole water test report is the results from the borehole water that you have tested at the accredited laboratory.
  • The accredited water testing laboratory provides you with the test report from your water sample.
  • This water test report is critical to establish the quality of your borehole water.

Do I need the borehole water test report?

  • Yes.
  • We would not give you any advice on your borehole water treatment system without the test report.
  • Any person or business that gives you advice without the knowledge of the content of the water test results is just there for the sale.
  • Stay away from that person.

Critical facts about the borehole water test report.

  • I’m eight years in the industry and I can count the people that could give you proper advice on borehole water treatment on my one hand.
  • Please don’t take any information regarding borehole water treatment from any person.
  • Borehole water treatment is complicated in some instances.
  • You must know what to look for and what action to take.
  • You can read about “nitrate or nitrite” removal in water but most of the advice doesn’t work.
  • There is countless case like this.

Where can I test my borehole water?

  • I receive everyday water test reports and some of them are of no help for the treatment of borehole water for human consumption.
  • I refer my clients to “Water lab”.
  •  Please download the “Borehole Water Test Form” and use it.
  • Do not! I say do not take any advice from any water shop regarding borehole water.
  • Never let any water shop test your borehole water not even if they inform you that they have a water testing lab.
  • It is just to lure you in buying something they want you to buy.
  • They are not in water selling not borehole treatment.
  • Talk to the people that specialize in borehole water treatment.
  • I have friends that have water shops and I can tell you that I listened to them when they talk to clients about borehole water treatment.
  • That information makes me scared!
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