Borehole water legal requirements

The borehole water legal requirements.

You live in town and have a small holding that you rent out.
This is a nice income. 
Sometimes the water supply is disrupted and that start to work on your nerves.
When the water is available again there is some stuff in the water and that is a thing you don’t like.
You expect the highest quality of drinking water.
You would sue the town council if you ever find something wrong with the quality of the water.

The town council must give you water that comply with the SANS 241 standard.
If the water doesn’t comply with the standards it could lead to health issues for the water consumers.
There is a legal responsibility on the supplier to ensure that the water comply with the minimum standards. You would not aspect any water that would not comply with the standards.
If the water quality does not comply it can lead with legal action.
The claims can be in the billions.

Your smallholding water.

The small holding that you rent you makes use of borehole water.
You are proud of the property and the house is in an excellent condition.
Your tenants pay the rent on time every month and there is no problem.
There is one problem that could cost you everything you have.
That thing is the borehole water that your tenants must use.
Do you have any independent water test reports about the quality of the borehole water?
Yes you have done a test at the local water shop a few years ago.
That test is not the paper worth it is printed on.
You must have at least a water test report that is not older than two years.
If there is something that is not under the limits then what was the action you have taken to rectify the problem?

Water legal obligation.

The water that you provide to your tenants must comply with every element of the SANS 241. 
If not you can be assure that when your tenant read this article they would do a water test.
If there is an element that do not comply.
They would take action and you would have no basis to stand on in court.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Borehole water legal requirements is something you as a property owner can't by-pass. If you provide water it must comply with the minimum standards of the SANS 241.

If you want to know more visit the link. Borehole water legal requirements

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