Sewerage water

 Talk about sewerage water.

What about the sewerage water?

  • Sewerage water is consumed every day.
  • Yes!
  • If you drink water that is supplied by the municipality.
  • That water has a percentage of treated sewerage water.
  • You believe the treated sewerage is of a high quality.
  • The municipality would not add the treated sewerage water to the drinking water if it was not of a high standard.
  • That is what you believe.
  • I have some news for you.
  • Do not ever believe any person.
  • If they tell you something.
  • Go and work it out for yourself.
  • Studied it from all angles.


What is in sewerage water?

  • Can you tell me what is in sewerage?
    Sewerage water

    Sewerage water image

  • Next time when you see a manhole that is overflowing.
  • Stop and take a look to what is around the manhole.
  • The next thing is take a look to where the water is flowing to.
  • Is it in the direction of a water stream?
  • Where do you think that water stream flow to?
  • To the dam where they extract the water for drinking.

Items in sewerage water.

  • When I stopped at an overflowing manhole.
  • The sewerage water that flow from the manhole had this strange color.
  • There was toilet pare everywhere.
  • Then the next items that I saw were condoms and tampons.
  • That is only some items that I saw.
  • What about the stuff that you can’t see with the naked eye?
  • Things like chemicals and medicines that people discharged down the toilet.

Stuff you can’t see in sewerage water.

  • Let’s first talk about medicine.
  • The medicine that people drink is only partially absorbed.
  • Some is discharged in the urine.
    Sewerage water

    Sewerage water images

  • This is chemicals that can have a harmful effect on you.
  • Some can cause cancer and other illnesses.
  • Do you think the government would do some investigations on the chemicals that are present in the sewerage water?
  • No, why must they?
  • If somebody gets ill due to the tap water contamination.
  • The doctor would tell you that it is something that you eat or that it is from the air.
  • The problem is that nobody does care.
  • They just accept the fact that they have the disease.
  • But let’s say it is from the treated sewerage water that is been added to the drinking water.
  • How will you proof it?
  • The government will never accept responsibility.


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