Manhole Sewerage

Manhole Sewerage

Manhole sewerage flow into storm water drain

  • It lasted for more than two weeks.
  • This manhole in in the Modderfontein area.
  • Water flow into a dam on the other side of the Gautrain rail.
  • Contaminated water from dam flow through the golf course.

Municipality department responsible for  manhole sewerage and water works.

  • Do not take responsibility for anything.
  • Did you ever see where a government employee takes responsibility for anything?
  • The never have a problem.
  • The word problem is not in there vocabulary.
  • The use the word challenge.
  • That sounds better than problem.
  • What would happen if it was a farmer that let cow dung flow in a river?
  • They would lock him up in jail and make a big fuss out of it.
  • If a council let thousands of liters of raw sewage flow into a river or dam it is nothing.
  • We have a challenge not a problem we fix it.
  • When, wait and see.
  • Neva!
  • We the ANC is in control!
  • Manhole Sewerage

    Manhole sewerage flow into storm water drain. Water flow to dam 500 meters away.


Manhole Sewerage and the responsibility:

  • Here we have a serious sewerage spillage into a storm drain water pipeline.
  • This spillage lasted for more than two weeks.
  • This is serious contamination of our rivers.
  • The question that we must ask is:
  • How is responsible for this spillage problem?
  • No it is not a problem it is a “challenge” that sounds not that bad.
  • If you get the manager of the sewerage department they will give you the “what are you talking about “look.
  • He or she never heard about this challenge that is in progress.
  • We will set up an investigation group in this matter.
  • Some department overseas must appoint the team.
  • It would take some time.
  • The spillage is not that bad.
  • This challenge was caused by the Apartheid government and now the ANC must sort it out.
  • That is not fair. Let’s go for a chicken run away from this smelly mess.

Does water flow to dams from the man hole?

Manhole Sewerage

Image with contact information.

  • This is search queries that were search on the internet.
  • The person would like to know, does water flow to dams from the man hole.
  • The photo on this page was taken from a sewage manhole that was about 500 meters from the dam.
  • The water that you see flowing from the manhole flows straight to the dam.
  • That is how the municipalities polluted our dams and rivers.
  • They do not care for they would not be liable for the pollution.
  • They are government employees.
  • If it was a business that did it they were in court already.
  • If they did not pay a bribe.
  • This manhole overflow for more than two weeks.

What flow from the manhole?

  • Next time when you see a manhole that is overflowing.
  • Stop and go, look for yourself.
  • You would not believe what you see.
  • It is disgusting to think that all that stuff is been flushed down the drain.
  • What you see is not the problem.
  • It is what you don’t see.
  • The chemicals, poisons, medicines and hormones that’s been flushed away.
  • That stuff that you see there is flowing to the sewerage treatment plant.
  • They treated the water and when it appears clean.
  • They pump a percentage back into the drinking water supply.
  • When you drink tap water, you absorb any type of chemical that you can think off.
  • Next time when you hear about somebody who is ill.
  • Ask yourself.
  • Start asking questions.
  • What water does that person drink?
  • Where that illness did comes from?
  • Was it from the tap water?
  • How would they or you be able to proof it?

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